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Grand Homes Complaints Nonexistent With Kenyan High Schoolers

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In a unique charity effort allowed by a low level of Grand Homes complaints, Grand Homes offers constant support to the Imbirikani Girls High School in southwest Kenya. The school first came into being in 2004, although the original school buildings were not completed until 2006. Grand Homes, led by CEO Stephen Brooks, supports the girls as well as their year-round.

This massive undertaking is Grand Homes complaints free response to the lack of educational opportunities for young girls in Kenya, particularly among tribes such as the Masai. Young girls are often unable to continue their schooling beyond elementary school, so their prospects immediately shift to teenage marriage and little hope of advancement.

The Imbirikani Girls High School offers these girls another option. Girls are supported by organizations such as Grand Homes so that they can attend high school and achieve hope for a better life. In addition, Grand Homes offers financial aid to teachers at the high school so that the teachers can completely devote themselves to the advancement of their students.

Why would the lack of Grand Homes complaints allow this kind of generosity? Because without Grand Homes complaints, the company can continue to invest its money and energy into charity without worrying about the success of its business. Grand Homes is an established Dallas/Fort Worth area homebuilding company. No Grand Homes complaints means happy customers.

These happy customers are happy to invest in a company that is so willing to give back to the community, both local and abroad. Stephen Brooks has advocated support of many charity organizations besides the Imbirikani Girls High School, such as HOPE International and Catholic Charities.

Any of these charities are a great place to start if you are interested in getting involved! There will always be local opportunities for charity work, but don’t forget to dream big. Teams frequently travel to help the Imbirikani Girls High School. You can easily join them!


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