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Increasing Accolades and Decreasing Grand Homes Complaints

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There aren’t many Grand Homes complaints going around. The homebuilding company has enjoyed over 30 years of successful business in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The DFW community respects Grand Homes as a stable, local job creator. The professional accolades keep on coming as Grand Homes receives almost no complaints.

The most significant award that Grand Homes has accepted recently is the prominent Hugh Prather Award from the Dallas Builders Association. Other tributes include the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence, not just once, but six years in a row. In addition, Grand Homes was named the Best Builder in America in 2011 by the National Homebuilders Association and the 2010 Builder of the Year by the Dallas Builders Association.

That’s a lot of awards! To top it off, Grand Homes complaints continue to diminish. How can your business achieve such success? Here are some tips based on the Grand Homes complaints free approach.

Respect your community. Grand Homes is established as a reputable business in the DFW area because it has remained a part of the community for over 30 years. Buyers trust that Grand Homes is going to treat them well and offer them well-made homes.

Don’t keep your gains to yourself. Under the guidance of CEO Stephen Brooks, the company has avoided Grand Homes complaints by investing vast resources into charity. For instance, Grand Homes is about to complete its 4th Home for HOPE International, and the company support the Imbirikani Girls High School in Kenya year-round.

Keep moving forward. Despite the nonexistence of Grand Homes complaints, the company is not content to continue on with the status quo. For example, Grand Homes just debuted its new LifeSpace product line. Innovation is key to keeping your company fresh and current.


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